Update Your Location On YOUR Website!

Foursquare, Facebook or Twitter provide you a way to check-in and share your location with your friends ... which is great! We even heard that you can win badges for that ... Oh my!!

But what about YOUR website? What about updating your location on your website, blog or application from your mobile phone without having to endure advertising, formatting constraints or back-links?
And how about doing all this for free?

See how it works on our sample page and do the same on your website today!

Yes, it works from all mobile phones, including yours.

By deciding to build as a website driven mobile tool rather than a OS-specific mobile app and thanks to some extra sharp mobile web developing, we have made PocketLocator compatible with all web-capable mobile phones.

Got a web-browser? It works.
And again, PocketLocator is totally free of charge (of course mobile carrier data plan fees may apply).

Multiple output formats

Our goal is to allow you to update your location on your website at anytime, from anywhere. It doesn’t matter if your website is built with Flash, HTML4, xHTML, HTML5 or anything else.

PocketLocator supports XML, JSON, PHP and even Flash AMF output.

It’s ok, we are compatible with you.

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Your privacy is safe

We understand that geolocation and privacy enjoy a touchy relationship. Server-side we have made special efforts to ensure high-level security and absolute privacy.

None of your information will ever be shared with a third-party without your explicit and informed agreement. As for publishing your location, only the account holder can do that.

Yes, we’re sometimes relaxed, but not when it comes to privacy!

See our privacy policy

No ugly watermarks

Other services, such as Google Latitude, have widgets but let’s face it, they are pretty ugly and just don’t match your website’s slick design.

This is why PocketLocator provides you with plain-text data that you can embed where and how you want.

Customize all your want!

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Support us

Basic PocketLocator is totally free (mobile carrier data plan fees may apply). We really believe in this model. But hours of work have already gone into developing this nifty tool. Not to mention hosting and bandwidth fees that we need to pay.

Help us to keep it up and running in Olympic shape. Don’t empty your bank account, just lend us a hand. No need for a PayPal account. All major credit cards accepted.

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